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Let's talk about Robocraft!

You probably saw some of the "newbie guides" floating around the internet, for Robocraft I mean, this is going to be more in-depth. A much better analysis of how things work in this game.

The only real purpose for this guide is to show you a few very interesting things about Robocraft. I'll be updating this post if needed, with new findings. Which means there is no particular order, just skim over the guide and pick the stuff that interests you.

First of all, this is a test that I've done a long while ago, and the results are still the same today. How accurate are the laser weapons, exactly? Very damn accurate! Some people prefer to just hold down the fire button and annoy their opponent with a constant barrage of hits, while others keep clicking with short intervals, thinking it makes the weapons more accurate. I'm saying "thinking" because... it's not true at all!

Even if your lasers are firing non stop and the crosshair expands like nuts, they will always hit the spot you're aiming at. In other words, the spot in the middle of the screen. What does it mean? Hold down the button and don't let go, that's what! The only obvious thing that affects accuracy is the shaking of the camera. And the shaking of your hand if you're nervous.


If you can't get through the armor of your enemy to destroy the block under the pilot, you will obviously want to destroy everything else, correct?

Most people then think of assaulting the weapons and wheels/engines/thrusters. Which is ofc correct, but there's more - the radars! Players get confused when it looks as if an enemy robot has practically nothing on yet is still in the game.

Did you think that was all? Surprise - you also have to destroy the lamps. Yes, lamps! Lol.



More on Lasers

In Robocraft, the more weapons you have, the higher your firing rate is. But how many lasers are enough?

Simple answer - 8. That's when you attain the maximum possible fire rate.

A more complex answer - as many as you can get! If you robot is packed with, say, 15 lasers, your enemy can shoot of as many as 7, and you'll still deal the same amount of damage at the same rate.

You should also read the wiki article on lasers




"How come I still see some people hacking in Robocraft?"

You see them cos it's still possible, lol, plain and simple. While it cannot be done with cheat engine anymore, or any of the older hacks, there are some freshly developed tools like the one on hack crest. I'll leave the rest up to you.


"I'm firing at maximum speed, yet my enemy who has less weapons is damaging me more. Why is that?"

This is one of those things in Robocraft you just gotta know. The game doesn't pick the lasers that can see the enemy to fire. ALL lasers that can shoot, will shoot. You may notice some of your shots, then, are missing, despite the fact they were flying right at the opponent's robot. That's the reason - if one of the weapons mounted on your robot cannot see the enemy, it will fire anyway, but its shot will always miss.


"Why can some enemies fire at me, while I'm still out of range but I have the best weapons?"

There could be a few reasons, but the most common is quite simple, actually. It's the placement of the weapons that matters, your enemies most likely have them right at the front of their vehicles, while you have them somewhere in the middle or even at the back.

And if that's not the case then I honestly have no idea!